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Collection (THIS FLOWERS ARE) STILL ALIVE explores still life in western art and tries to reinterpet it in present. Maja Mehle, the designer talks about the initial inspiration for the collection: “While we were admiring paintings in his slovenian home, Miha told me the story about his grandma Draguša, naive painter, that spent most of her time painting flowers from her husband’s flower beds. We started thinking about transience of subjects, which are put in eternity by few brush strokes. Eternal transience – Transience of eternity.” Story about Draguša evolved in further exploration of still life and observation of flower’s life span that they have chronologically photographed in their London home. Maja found her silhouette in fluidity of Flemish artists and clean, precise, sharp and elegant draperies of polish art deco painter, Tamara de Lempicka. 

The transience of STILL ALIVE collection is put to eternity with delicate still lifes, contrast of soft draperies and highly tailored jackets, classical and inovative materials, wreaths of artificial flowers and digital printed silk scarves.

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