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MÊHLÊ Spring Summer 2016 collection ‘2116:Renaissance’ is an utopian future prediction, cross-referencing retro-futurism, space exploration and postgravity art. For ‘2116:Renaissance’ collection, MÊHLÊ researched into Slovenian rocket engineer and pioneer of cosmonautics, Herman Potocnik – Noordung, whose book ‘The Problem of Space Travel’, published in 1928, addressed the long-term human habitation in space and is regarded as the first architecture in space. The collection was also inspired by postgravity artist Dragan Zivadinov, who in 1998 realised the first theater performance in zero gravity conditions.



The SS’16 collection ‘2116:Renaissance’ mixes black, navy, sky blue, orange and light gray colours, straps and metal details, pleats and folds, as seen in a range of bomber and parka jackets, trench coats, jumpsuits, pleated dresses and structured sweatshirts. The ‘2116:Renaissance’ collection is MÊHLÊ’s vision of uniforms and workwear for the year 2116.

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