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‘Welcome to the New World’ was presented in January 2013. The collection was inspired by the recent end of the world predictions for the 21st December 2012. The collection explored the idea that this was the birth of a new world rather then a disastrous end to the one we live in. They created a set of essential garments and list of rules to follow in the new world: CREATE/LOVE/WORK OUT/RELAX/ENJOY. 


MÊHLÊ’s “Survival kit” consists of wool and jersey trousers, nylon jersey sweatshirt and Mylar foil coated top, technological spacer fabric bomber jacket and laser cut polycotton dress, skirt, shirt, t-shirt, shorts and panties. Each laser cut garment embodies one of the listed new rules, incorporated onto parts of the garments, such as the collars. The collections colour story is based around shades of blue, which has a calming effect and is strongly associated with both tranquility and power.

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